Commercial Locksmith Services

One factor that is overlooked when shopping for real estate is the type of security that a place has. Inferior locking systems make it quite easy for intruders to get inside a building, and should in part be considered when acquiring a new business location.

Evaluating the current lock system on a building is hard to do properly without training. What appears to be sufficient to an untrained eye, may actually be a a security risk. Commercial locksmith services are available to help business owners properly evaluate the efficiency of the existing system, and make recommendations as to how the security can be improved.

Business Security Locking System

If possible, ask the current property owner to make a price concession to cover the cost of upgrading the lock system. If not, rest assured that this expense is not that high. Actually, in comparison to what a robbery could cost, it’s a relatively small amount. It’s also far cheaper than installing a new security system from scratch. Should you choose to install a new security system and lock set, you can be sure they’ve done everything they can to protect your place of business.

A commercial locking system can serve as a deterrent to even the most determined thief. A thief can’t steal what they can’t get access to. To make matters worse, one look at a impressive commercial lock system will tell the thief that breaking into your building is going take time he doesn’t have. Every crook knows that the longer it takes to break in, the greater the chance that they will be caught.

Local Commercial Security Systems

Every window and door to your business location will need to be secured. Commercial locksmith services can install high security locks and latches on each of these potential entrances. The new high security locks available on the market today are much different from the older models. When looking for a new business property, make it a point to update the old locks to these newer high security locks. Older locks tend to wear over time making them even easier to compromise. You will be left with only minimal protection against unwanted entry to the location without some type of high security locks.

The need for commercial locksmith services when acquiring a new business property is paramount. Regardless of the type of business you own or plan to start, there will be expensive items inside that must be secured. There has never been a time in history when security was more important.

Hire A Locksmith to Secure Your Business

Although a locksmith usually does the same jobs irrespective of where he works, a commercial locksmith has to deal with some additional responsibility to protect private and confidential business information. Not just repairing, replacing and rekeying locks, they work to build up security measures at commercial businesses.

Areas of Operation

As mentioned above, the distinction between residential locksmiths, auto locksmiths, and commercial locksmiths is the field in which they work. Unlike these locksmiths, a commercial locksmith works only with businesses. It could be larger corporations, government offices, hospitals, restaurants, retail shops and schools among others. The training program however, is the same. They may or may not respond to calls from home owners or requests for locksmith services concerning cars and trucks. It just depends on whether they work independently or for a national chain of locksmiths.

Typical Duties of a Commercial Locksmith

  • Installing New Lock Sets

This is a primary responsibility of the locksmith. It involves lock replacement of old indoor and outdoor locks. It also includes installing keyed and keyless locks. A keyless entry system can include a Biometric reader, security card access systems, or Mag locks in most cases.

Locksmiths can also help in the event of layoffs or employee dismissals. When a business terminates an employee, a disgruntled employee might refuse to return keys. In cases such as this, the business would be forced to go to the expense of replacing every lock in the office.

  • Repairing and Rekeying Locks

Damaged locks should be quickly repaired, especially at commercial businesses. Normal wear and tear may cause the locks to become damaged over time. It can also include extracting broken keys from locks. Rekeying a lock is another important service commercial locksmiths undertake. This usually involves changing the tumbler in the lock set. It’s as good as installing new locks because the old key will no longer work in that door.

  • Office Key Duplication

A commercial locksmith will come in handy during office lockouts. They can open any door for you by duplicating a key. A business owner can also request a duplicate key set in the event of misplaced or lost keys.

  • Onsite Security Systems

Our commercial locksmith company can be of great help when it comes to installing security cameras and monitoring systems. The security needs will vary from company to company or location to location. A professional locksmith can accurately evaluate your security needs. They evaluate the security goals, your indoor and outdoor areas that you want monitored and any other special security requirements. Based on that evaluation, a commercial locksmith service will design a security system that best suits your business needs and company budget. This can include CCTV security camera systems and night time (infrared) video surveillance.

  • Master Key Systems

Master key systems introduce convenience without compromising security of your business. A master key system gives your employees access while also restraining them from the areas where they aren’t allowed access. Also, it’s a great solution for those who don’t want to carry around a bulky set of keys in their pocket or hanging off their belt. With a master key system, a single key can replace an entire ring of keys.

  • Business Safe Installation or Unlocking

A locksmith service can also be hired to install a commercial wall or floor safe. They can open a safe or make duplicate keys if needed.

Our commercial locksmith service will need to have access to a business’s security systems. Every employee is required to undergo a criminal background check in addition to our extensive training before they receive their license and certificate.

Protecting Your Business From Thieves

Just like your home, you want to protect your business property as best you can from potential thieves or vandals. Properly securing your business is essential to protecting your employees and business investments. A certified locksmith includes a number of specialized services and products to help reduce employee theft and improve overall security at your business.

Employee changes are responsible for most employee theft and missing inventory from businesses in the United States. As employees come and go, they often neglect to hand over their keys, and even when they do, you don’t know how many copies might be floating around. As the business owner, it’s critical that you have complete control over who is accessing your property at all times.

Commercial property landlords face similar problems as their tenants move in an out. There is no way to know how many duplicate keys have been issued to friends and family. As soon as your tenant vacates your rental property, have a locksmith rekey the lock to prevent all access. This will re-secure the property and make it safe for the next renter.

Master Key System for Your Business

A licensed locksmith service can create a master key system for commercial property landlords. This allows each tenant to have his or her own personal key to gain access to the rented or leased space. Your rental property manager will then have access to a master key that allows access to all of the doors or locks on the property. This gives your tenants the protection they need while still allowing access to the property owner or manager. The master key system is a solution often found in apartments or office space rental units.

Business owners need to have a licensed commercial locksmith service available to call should there be any damage to their locks. Weakened or malfunctioning locks can greatly reduce the security of your building. If a key accidentally gets broken off inside the lock, a locksmith will perform a key extraction to restore lock functionality. Emergency lock services are also available if you need a locksmith in a hurry or after hours.

A locksmith is a highly trained individual who can install magnetic locking systems with “buzzer entry” doors. He will also make recommendations for products or services that will increase the security of your building and protect your property from thieves.

Be sure to secure the inside of your office as well with locks on cabinets and computer desks. These type of security measures may prevent theft from visitors of your business during the workday while employees are gone to lunch or on break.


A locksmith can be a valuable tool for securing commercial property and places of business. Whether you are a small, local business with only a single office or a national company with hundreds of locations, security should always be the #1 concern. Call a local commercial locksmith service who is highly trained to assist you with all of your security questions and needs.

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