A Locksmith’s Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some of the more frequently asked questions we get from callers:

Question: Do you guys make car keys for Mercedes Benz?
Answer: Although we can make car keys for nearly any car, computer based Mercedes Benz keys cannot be duplicated due to an encryption code that is only known to Mercedes Benz. We cannot make car keys for these models.

Question: Can you duplicate car keys for any brand?
Answer: We can currently duplicate car keys for nearly every make and model with the exception of computer based keys. We can duplicate car keys in most cases.

Question: If my keys are stolen will you come out after hours and change locks?
Answer: Yes! We operate a 24 hour locksmith service.

Question: Does your locksmith company rekey locks?
Answer: Yes! We can rekey locks.

Question: Do you guys offer a 24 hour lock out service?
Answer: Yes! You can call our 24 hour lock out service to your home, dorm room, car or business.

Question: Can you perform a new lock installation?
Answer: Yes! Our technicians can handle a lock installation, lock replacement, or lock upgrade.

Question: Do you offer a national auto lock service?
Answer: Yes! Our employees won’t let you down. We give our customers a 24 hour national auto lock service because auto lockouts can happen leave you stranded at any hour. Call our national auto lock service NOW – [easy_options id=”tel”].

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